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The Primus Activation Healing Technique™ is an exciting and unique new approach to energy medicine. PAHT™ Incorporates cutting edge neurocardiology research with a new model of evolving human energetics that brings the body into an optimum energetic and biochemical state for physical and emotional healing, at the same time that it prepares the mind to experience powerful spiritual expansion. The technique can be used for personal spiritual growth, self healing or as a healing practice with others.

Developed by internationally known author and healer Naisha Ahsian, this simple yet powerful technique allows both beginner and advanced healing practitioners from all modalities to understand the power of the heart's energetic field in both the healing process and the evolution of humanity. The Primus Activation Healing Technique™ utilizes specific techniques to synchronize the brain and heart, creating a powerful energetic field to emanate from the PAHT™ facilitator. This field is then transferred to the recipient through the physical law of resonance, using meditative techniques and progressive hands-on healing positions.

The Primus Activation Healing Technique™ produces measurable effects on the body and energy field. Unlike some other vibrational techniques, these effects can be easily and readily measured using current scientific equipment. These effects far exceed those of simple relaxation, and include radical immune system stimulation, biochemical shifts and endocrine system balancing, stress relief, improved cognitive function and more!

The Primus Activation Healing Technique™ can be used alone or as an adjunct to any other type of vibrational medicine. Because it is based upon the way the body works, it greatly enhances other types of vibrational medicine such as Reiki.

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